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It all started with an idea in 80 years

The WiCAM group of companies has been the life’s work of our founder Harald Wilkesmann. His frustration in the mid 80’s with the time consuming process of programming CNC machines led him to develop algorithms that could automatically create NC texts for CNC machines. The PN4000 program was born. Its ability to control machine parks at lightning speed and without errors quickly spread and it quickly gained a first-class reputation in the industry.

His life’s work

Until his death, our founder Harald Wilkesmann put all his creative energy into the development and expansion of the WiCAM group of companies. From a simple machine operator in 80 years to a software pioneer of our time, whose visions have made today’s automated mechanical engineering possible.

Foundation was established

The rise to the top of the world

The founding of WiCAM GmbH and the development of its own CAD/CAM system PN4000, which was able to control CNC machines from various manufacturers using data from different sources, was a significant milestone in today’s Industry 4.0. The program’s ability to process 4000 different variables and the introduction of the world’s first 3D-based universal CAD/CAM system in 1994, marked the beginning of a new era and the company’s global expansion began.

Generation change at WiCAM

As the first employee of the company, Mr. Timo Eigenblut started his career at WiCAM in the mid-90s. Together with our founder Harald Wilkesmann, he laid the foundation for the current success of the company. Over the years the company expanded and Mr. Wilkesmann handed over the responsibility for the operational business as well as the development of today’s subsidiaries to Timo Eigenblut already in 2007.

Mr. Wilkesmann remained active in the company in an advisory capacity until his death and, in addition to the strategic orientation, occasionally took care of major customers such as the caravan builder Dethleffs.

Establishment of the WiCAM Foundation

Driven by the idea to help shape the software world of tomorrow with the economic success of WiCAM GmbH, Mr. Harald Wilkesmann decreed that upon his death WiCAM GmbH should be partly transferred to a foundation in order to let the economic success of the company benefit society.

After a short illness, Mr. Wilkesmann passed away in 2017 – his last will was implemented and today’s WiCAM Foundation was born.

The WiCAM Foundation

Passion of our founder


Until his death, he put much of his creative energy into the vision of establishing his programming system as an industrial standard worldwide.


Our Harald was a family man. The highlights of the year for him were always company celebrations with his family and all employees.


Restoring old Corvettes allowed our Harald to switch off. He often went from the office to his own workshop in the evening to work on the car.

Achieve more together

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