Technology is the basis for sustainable prosperity.

One of the tasks of the WiCAM Foundation is the promotion of charitable projects. The foundation is committed to supporting social, cultural or ecological projects. By supporting charitable projects, the WiCAM Foundation can help improve people’s quality of life and support important social causes.

In our funding, we place a special focus on supporting the next generation. The world is becoming more and more digital, and with our funding we are pursuing the goal of ensuring that the youth of today use the technology of tomorrow for progress and not for mere consumption.

There are many opportunities for charitable projects that can be supported by the WiCAM Foundation. These include, in particular, projects in the fields of education, technology and research. It is important that the projects are clearly defined and that profit making is not in the foreground.

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As a nonprofit foundation, we strive to make tomorrow’s world a better place. In addition to nonprofit partnerships, you can support our activities through one-time or regular donations.